Head Girl's Message

It is the matter of immense privilege and honour to be appointed as a head girl of this eminent institution.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to sister Principal and teachers for providing a platform to develop leadership. I would also like to thank all the students for reposing their faith in me and considering me capable enough to lead the school. St. Mary’s Sen. Sec. School has been much more than just a temple of learning for me. It’s like a family which has helped me grow into what I am today.

This building is not something to be known by its dimensions instead it is known by how it nurtures its students to achieve greater dimensions in life.

I stand here to work in collaboration with each Marian to achieve the best for our school. All of us are building blocks of this institution and its our duty to create a fresh, friendly and disciplined atmosphere.

I, Akhya Rastogi, the Head Girl of the school along with other school cabinet members promise to work hard with all our zeal, devotion and determination. We will try our best and work persistently to uphold the values of our school.

We promise to serve the school whole heartedly as a team. Let’s take our school to greater heights and make sure to abide by the school rules so that no room can be left for any mistake.

I request every Marian to live by the motto of the school.


Head Girl

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